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A guide to Handwriting at South Parade


"Handwriting is a tool that has to work. It must be comfortable, fast and legible.”

Angela Webb, Chair, National Handwriting Association


We have recently adopted a semi cursive handwriting style in school. Our main aim and belief is that having coherent, legible handwriting is a basic skill that all children should be equipped with.


Our handwriting programme is based around four main development phases. They are:

  1. Readiness for writing: Gross and fine motor skills leading to letter formation (Foundation Stage)
  2. Beginning to join (KS1)
  3. Securing the joins (KS1/Lower KS2)
  4. Practising speed and fluency (Lower KS2)
  5. Presentation skills and fluency (Upper KS2)



We have a number of resources below which you can use at home to aid handwriting practise.


The document named ‘Our handwriting scheme’ provides a model for how each letter should be formed and some instructions for how to use the handwriting paper (hw size 1-4, 1 being the larger paper for our emerging younger writers and size 4 for our children who are fluent and secure with their formation and fluency).