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School Meals

All of our delicious school meals are provided by ISS Catering. Our Head Cook, Julie, and her team do a great job providing our children with healthy, balanced meals every day.


School dinners need to be ordered by 9.20 a.m.  If you know your child will miss registration can you telephone the office and pre-order a school lunch.  The office telephone number is 01924 302875.  If you don't pre-order a school lunch you will need to supply a packed lunch for your child.


You do not need to give any notice to swap from sandwiches to dinners or vice versa. However, should you wish to move to sandwiches please ensure the dinner account is fully up to date. 


School dinners are £2.47 per day, £12.35 per week.



Packed Lunches

We encourage children to have a healthy diet so please support this by ensuring that your child eats a healthy, balanced packed lunch and do not send sweets or chocolate bars.  We do allow a small snack-size biscuit bar.

For safety purposes we do not permit children to bring hot food in their packed lunch. If your child would like a hot meal, we do provide daily hot meals in the school hall through our catering company. 

We ask that children have water to drink and provide water in cups in our designated sandwich room. (If required to eat in classrooms, children have access to their water bottles).


Menu for Autumn Term 2

Dinner Menu from September 2023