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Curriculum Statement

South Parade Primary School

Curriculum Statement


At South Parade Primary School we believe that great learning opens doors and expands horizons. A love of learning is the greatest gift a school can bestow and should help all its children become the very best that they can be; developing a thirst for knowledge and building lifelong learning habits.


Since the launch of the National Curriculum, our curriculum at South Parade has evolved in a bespoke nature, meeting the depth of requirement as well as suiting the culture, vision and ethos of our school.

We do not simply cover a range of content, we teach children key skills to give them a real depth of learning.

At the heart of our curriculum are our key drivers:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Eco-learning
  • Community


Lifelong learning – we are proud to have been the launch school for Wakefield as part of the national Primary Futures programme. We hold an annual Aspirations week where children are exposed to a wide range of careers, focusing on their skill set and giving options for their futures. We regularly have volunteers in from the world of work whether from our local community or further afield. This culture of lifelong learning is embedded within our curriculum with children signing up to our weekly ‘University Afternoon’ workshops. In February 2019 we opened our tastefully inspiring Life Long Learning Lounge. This is home to our older children where they sign up to a degree course led by senior leaders (AKA professors!) during lunchtimes, and graduate at the end – each course with a career path attached to it.


All staff will seek out relevant and meaningful opportunities to develop pupils’ social, moral, cultural and spiritual understanding and British Values when teaching all subjects. We teach children to be respectful of each other in every way and operate a fully inclusive ethos.


We are fully committed to getting our children immersed in current, topical issues. This includes keeping them up to date with what is going on in the world around them, involving them in weekly whole school debates in our ‘The Big Question’ assemblies. Our focus on eco-learning promotes a culture where children promote care towards our environment and our planet.

We are always seeking out opportunities to be involved in our local community. We are part of the Education Ossett Community Trust (EOCT) where children unite in activities such as sports events, choir, Big Build (with local engineers), book clubs/awards and pen pal projects.


Curriculum Intent

Throughout our curriculum, we offer rich and vibrant opportunities which draw upon meaningful real-life experiences. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all pupils, including those with SEND and it is ambitious for all learners with the intention that no child is left behind.  Knowledge, skills and concepts are clearly outlined in an age-appropriate and progressive way from when they enter our school, through to when they leave us in Y6, so that the children’s understanding is deepened and extended, year upon year.


Curriculum Implementation

Our key drivers thread their way through all aspects of our curriculum.

In English, pupils at our school will be supported to become articulate individuals, with oracy being high on our school improvement agenda. Reading and phonics will be taught at age appropriate levels and staff will continually promote pupils to read widely. The Bring Back Bed Time Stories campaign was ‘born’ at South Parade and continues to be embedded in other schools across England following our lead through the video on the national Book Trust website.

Maths is taught discreetly in daily lessons and is based around the White Rose Maths Hub alongside a range of other resources. Opportunities to problem solve are encouraged throughout the curriculum and teachers identify these when planning ahead for each topic.

Children benefit from meaningful and memorable learning across the curriculum, with highly skilled subject leaders overseeing the sequence of teaching.  


Curriculum Impact

Portfolios of work showcase children’s best pieces for each subject throughout the year. Both children and staff take pride in these making sure that clear progression is evident throughout their school life.

We foster hard working learning attitudes at South Parade encouraging all children to be intrinsically motivated to do well, with SEND children achieving the best possible outcomes. As a result, our pupils achieve well and leave us as young individuals who are equipped for the next stage of their education and with aspirations for their futures.