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EYFS Curriculum

The opportunities in art, provide the children with experiences that focus on 7 areas of exploration:

-What can we see?

-How can we explore colour?

-How can we build worlds?

-How can we explore materials and marks?

-How can we explore 3D materials?

-How can we use our bodies to make art?

-How can we use our imaginations?


Within each of the above areas, we provide activities which enable an open-ended, playful exploration of materials, processes and ideas, which in turn nurture dexterity skills, promote an early understanding of visual literacy skills, and begin to build the child’s confidence in their ability to make a personal, creative response to a stimuli. Together these opportunities provide a foundation for pupils to develop their skills further though KS1 and KS2, following the Access Art Primary Art Curriculum.

The EYFS curriculum does not follow set pathways like KS1 and KS2. Instead, the curriculum is steered by child-initiated learning and focussed activities linked to the topic within provision.


Further opportunities for art in provision allow a balance of 3D making with 2D opportunities such as drawing, printing and painting. Our Reception class have an ‘art area’ where materials are available for ‘free play’ and along with staff interaction, provide children the opportunities to further develop skills.





You can see how the experiences and suggested activities (focussed on the 7 areas of exploration) develop key skills and provide a foundation for future learning within our ‘EYFS Skills and Progression to KS1’ document.