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Class organisation 2023-2024

Class Organisation 2023-2024


Dear Parents and Carers,


We would like to update you on our transition arrangements for the next academic year.


Prior to the covid pandemic, we mixed classes each year so that our pupils experienced a wider range of friendships and class dynamic.

After giving this much consideration we have decided to go back to this arrangement . 


The teachers have worked together and dedicated a lot of time to creating new class lists and have made sure that children are in classes with at least one friend. 


During lesson time, the children will be focused on their learning. At play times and lunch times they will all have the opportunity to mix with their peer groups. This means that they will get at least 1 hour 15 mins to socialise with whoever they wish. 


We have a transition morning planned on 10th July where your children will get to meet their new teacher, classmates and members of staff in the classroom.


On that day your child will come home with a letter which will confirm which class they are in.


Please know that all of this has been very carefully considered and we are asking that you trust us to make this work for your child. 


Thank you for your support.