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Fire Alarm

Today we had a fire alarm which was not expected.

Our fire procedures were good and robust and all children were out of school quickly and in the correct place. The fire alarm went off during a wet playtime (lunch break). Our procedure, in line with fire safety guidance, is to evacuate the building via the nearest door  - which were the classroom doors - as quickly and safely as possible being led by our school fire marshals. Firstly, your children were fantastic and we were outside in a rapid time frame and in correct lines/areas. However, I wanted to communicate with you as our children were outside for a period of time (around 20-25 minutes) and some without jumpers. We were not allowed into the building until the fire brigade had arrived and checked. Luckily, it was a false alarm. Our pupils were calm and we kept them warm by doing keep fit exercises – luckily one of our PE coaches led the school with this! Our younger pupils were escorted to our outdoor tent for further shelter. Obviously, a few children were a little worried as the fire alarm arrived but we assured children that it was a false alarm but not a planned practice. Please feel free to talk to your children about this and reassure them that they were great. We hope you understand that the period outdoors was unavoidable and we ensured they had a calming end to the day.

Thank you

Mrs Hedges