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Freya's Garden - an update

Freya's Garden – an update



Following the devastating, untimely and tragic death of our lovely Freya in April, we decided as a school (and with full cooperation from Freya’s family) to honour Freya’s memory by creating a special space that all our pupils will have access to.  


Freya was passionate about nature, wildlife and gardening. Therefore we feel that it is wholly appropriate to dedicate our already wonderful pond area, to make it even better, and for everyone to use.


The space will be called ‘Freya’s Garden’.


Thanks to your kind and generous donations (we raised £1,500) we are now able to move forward with the project. We have also had a kind donation from a parent offering to donate signage for the area. We will be carrying out this project in conjunction with Froglife. Darren from the charity came to school again yesterday for a follow up visit and we are now putting the wheels in motion to make this happen.

As he said previously, we need to ensure the least disruption to amphibians, so we have decided to start the project on Thursday 18th January.


The project will include: 


  • Cleaning out the pond and planting of some ‘newt friendly’ aquatics.
  • Creation of a hibernaculum in the woodland area
  • Construction and installation of bat and bird boxes (with the involvement of our children)
  • Creation of a wildflower area 
  • Creation of an open compost heap for ground maintenance arisings. This provides great habitat and foraging opportunities for a whole range of wildlife.
  • Seating areas to create an outdoor classroom environment


Darren will not be able to make this happen on his own, therefore we are asking for a team of volunteers please on 18th January.

We need a team of approximately 12 adults.

This will include clearing the pond and the immediate surrounding area so we need people willing to get stuck in, including some who are willing to get into the pond with chest waders on.

As well as people power , we also need the following please:

  • Chest waders
  • Spades and shovels
  • Loppers
  • Secateurs
  • Wire brush
  • Jet washer


We would love to gather some community spirit for our project to happen.
Anything you can offer would be gratefully received – baking for the workers, people willing do tea and coffee runs, any other suggestions welcome.

Dry weather would also be a bonus!


Please email me on if you can offer any support in any way.


Thank you.