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Freya's Garden

Freya's Garden



Following the devastating, untimely and tragic death of our lovely Freya, we have been in discussions with her family about creating a space that will ensure Freya's memory lives on at South Parade.


Freya was passionate about nature, wildlife and gardening. Therefore we feel that it is wholly appropriate to dedicate our already wonderful pond area, to make it even better, and make it a space that all our children in school will be able to access and enjoy.


We will name this space 'Freya's Garden.'


We will be moving forward with this project in conjunction with Froglife (a national wildlife charity). Darren from the charity has been to visit and has thankfully agreed to work with us on this. 


He said: 


The pond we have is already a fabulous resource for wildlife, with lots of frogs and newts already living there!

It would definitely benefit from some cleaning out and removal of vegetation to create more open water. As discussed this would be best done during the winter period (November to January) to minimise disturbance to amphibians.


There is so much potential to improve that area of the grounds and make a lasting legacy for Freya and a real positive impact on local wildlife.


The project would include: 


  • Cleaning out the pond and planting of some ‘newt friendly’ aquatics.
  • Creation of a hibernaculum in the woodland area
  • Construction and installation of bat and bird boxes (with the involvement of our children)
  • Creation of a wildflower area 
  • Creation of an open compost heap for ground maintenance arisings. This provides great habitat and foraging opportunities for a whole range of wildlife.
  • Seating areas to create an outdoor classroom environment


Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together.



Froglife may be able to fund some of the project, however in order to make this happen we are asking for your support with donations. I know we had lots of our families and people in the local community asking if we were collecting donations for anything at school following Freya's death, but we wanted to make sure we had a clear plan in place to make it the best possible dedication for Freya's memory. 


Here are the details in order to make an online donation: 


South Parade Primary School Fund A/C






Ref: Freya’s Garden


If you would prefer, please feel free to send in a cash donation. 

On behalf of everyone at South Parade and Freya's family we thank you for your support.