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Hot weather & SP Fest

Good afternoon,

Even though we have spent time risk assessing, changing and adjusting the plans for SP FEST, we are now unfortunately having to cancel to ensure the safety of our children and our families due to the forecast of extreme heat. Please be assured that over the next two days we have plans in place to make sure your children are as cool as possible including increased water stops and other creative ways. Please make sure children come to school with suncream, a water bottle and a hat. We will be limiting time outside and will make decisions around this based on shade, breeze etc on the day but if children do go out it will be for a very short time. The children can wear their PE kit for the next two days if you wish. Again, we are ever so sorry, these decisions are the hardest part of our job. 
We will look at the plans for the rest of the week tomorrow and decide if we can rearrange in some form. 
Thank you for your continued support.