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Thank you for your patience as we have once again set up our new ‘critical worker’ school in less than 24 hours!


As soon as we heard the announcement last night at the same time as you, we tried to communicate via the website and text, this was sent shortly after 9pm but unfortunately due to the large volume of people accessing the system, it did not go through until much later. 


Today has been a huge task , as we have had to try and ensure we have staff to cover reasonable sized groups. We have had far more people requesting places compared to last time. School will be open for those children who have been allocated places  and who have received a message confirming your place. Please can I request that you still only send your child if absolutely necessary and there is no one who can home with your child.

The bubbles are now full and we can not accept any further requests for places as it is not safe to do so.



For the rest of the week, children to arrive at school at the time that they currently arrive, pick up will be also at their current time.

Children will remain in their own classes until Friday and then the new groups will be allocated - we will update you later this week with further information. Children to arrive in school uniform, they will be provided with a (hot) school meal if free school meals or they are in years reception, 1 and 2. Please follow the usual online payment system for dinners. These children will be covering the same curriculum as the pupils that are at home. The lessons will be delivered by class teachers and teaching assistants.



There will be daily online learning through Class Dojo for years 1 and above and learning will be delivered via the EYFS learning book for reception pupils.

We are providing each child with some resources so that they can access learning such as exercise books and some writing materials. These will be available to pick up at the following times tomorrow:

C1 – 9:15

C2 – 9:30

C3 – 9:45

C4 – 10:00

C6 – 10:15

C7 – 10:30

C8 – 10:45

C9 – 11:00

C10 – 11:15

C11 – 1:30

C12 – 1:45

C13 – 2:00

C14 - 2:15

C15 – 2:30

Please arrive promptly at your time – you can collect for siblings also.

The collection point will be at the back of the school hall – please follow the path all the way up the school drive and you will see the hall doors. A member of staff will be there to help with collection of materials. Please wear a mask and adhere to social distancing.

More information re: home-learning will be available on the class webpage / via Dojo. Please contact your teacher if you have not yet signed up to Class Dojo as this is essential.

All pupils will be required to register on Dojo daily before 9:30.


Thank you once again for your continued support and patience throughout these challenging times.