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       Dear parents/carers,


I hope you are well and everyone is safe during these unusual and uncertain times.


We really miss you all so much at school and we are hoping that we can all get back together as soon as the Government and scientists say that it safe to do so.


In the meantime, we are so proud of the amazing things that you are doing at home with your children and we really hope that you are finding the work that we are providing useful.


We have had a few parents contacting us and worrying about what they are doing and hoping they’re doing enough… I am sure you are doing what is exactly right for your child… I am a mum too and after reading a really insightful article this weekend it made me realise that even though we are all in this ‘storm’ together, we are all ‘riding the waves in our own different boats’. Some of our families welcome the structured work to help out with your day of working from home and keeping your child busy with learning tasks whilst some of our families are struggling to get their child to sit and complete a paragraph of writing or even a sentence.

Some of our families are enjoying their gardens and learning how to plant and grow, some are learning how to recycle and recreate the Titanic out of old boxes.


We are all tackling this in a way that I am certain is right for you. Of course some learning tasks will help move your child forward but it is essential that we recognise that home schooling is different to school at school! Also, don’t underestimate the conversations and reading you are doing with your child – these are all valuable too.


Please use our support as teachers and therefore to help guide you in the best way we can. Teachers are working so hard to make sure that we can support the 30 children we have in our classes so bear with us if we can’t respond to everything straight away or we can’t meet your exact request – we’re trying our very best!


As soon as we know the next steps from school we will let you know.


Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Peace and Staff at South Parade