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Nursery Library

South Parade children and parent's library!

We have been busy in Nursery buying new books and sorting out donated books to contribute to our new Nursery library.

Our library will be available on a Monday and Thursday, just outside the Nursery door. We welcome and encourage you to choose a book with your child to enjoy at home. We have also provided book bags for you to use to take the book home and to keep them safe in.

We have sorted the books into three groups; traditional tales, story books and topic books. Each book has a star on the front so you know which box to put it back in when you have finished enjoying the book.

When the library is open on a Monday and Thursday, we will open the Nursery gate and you can have a look through the books. We kindly ask that the children do not play with any toys that are set out for the morning or afternoon session. Once you have chosen a book, you can line up like normal, ready for myself to come out at 8.50am/12.30pm. Please could you make sure you have chosen a book before 8.50am/12.30pm to ensure the Nursery entrance isn't busy when the school day starts.

We have used some donated books for our library but we have also bought some new books. Please could you make sure the books are looked after and returned, so that other children can enjoy them after you.

I hope you and your child enjoy our new library!