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**This page is in the process of being updated.**

Through our English curriculum, our intent is to encourage children to become enthusiastic and engaged with English, develop a love of reading and to teach the children the importance of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the real world. By giving children the context to learning, they will understand the value of English to them now and in their futures. At our school, we deliver a broad and successful writing curriculum. We deliver writing lessons that include:


  • SPaG coverage in context 
  • High expectations for vocabulary
  • Scaffolding through quality modelled sentence structure


We provide our children with rich and varied learning opportunities to develop a positive attitude toward communication and for children to be able to express their emotions and their ideas confidently and articulately. We  endeavour to make English interesting and exciting, engaging the children with the joy and wonder of books, providing a real purpose for writing and piquing their imagination and creativity. As part of our writing curriculum, we ensure children are prepared to write through a solid understanding of the world around them and the subject and context of which they are writing about. 


Children at our school are enthusiastic about writing. See some quotes from our recent Pupil Voice survey below:


'I like writing because it can take stress away. I can get deep into writing.'


'I really enjoy writing in class and sharing my work with friends and my class.'


I enjoy doing Big Writes and like to put lots of description in my work and I love story writing.'


'Writing makes me feel free in my own special world.'

Through the planning of writing units, teachers ensure that children cover a range of writing purposes over the year. Providing this purpose ensures that the writing becomes real for the children and therefore becomes relatable to past and future opportunities of their lives.