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Photographs Class 15

The RSPB Big Bird Watch

In small  groups, we went out and counted the birds that we saw over an hour. We saw woodpigeons, sparrows, a robin, magpies, a bluetit and blackbirds.


An Art Gallery in the Hall

Finally, we finished our 2D to 3D art pieces. We set them up the hall several year groups came to have a look. 

The photos will be posted very soon :) 

2D to 3D ART

First, we found out about the work of the artist Lubaina Himid. She produces pieces of art that people can walk between. We decided to produce our own 3D art pieces that children in school could walk around.  We developed the skill of scaling up. Next, we scaled up dog silhouettes onto large pieces of card. After they were cut out, we painted them white. We investigated how we could reproduce the texture and pattern of dog fur using newspaper and today, we started applying this to our dogs. Look out for our finished pieces in a couple of weeks time.

Pictures of our 3D dogs will be coming soon!

Hot Chocolate and Story Telling

We had hot chocolate and comfy cushions as we shared our favourite stories. 


In the autumn term, we investigated if and why the shadow is the same shape as the object casting it.

Remembrance Day Service

At the school Remembrance Day service, we thought about those who had fought and those who had lost their lives while fighting. We live in a democracy because these brave people were willing to fight for that right. 

Reciting Poetry

We love poetry in Class 15. Usually, someone will read a poem at the end of the day and on National Poetry Day, we all read out a Michael Rosen poem about refugees in assembly. Seeking refuge is also a theme in our class book which is about a Syrian refugee. 


On National Poetry Day, we all chose a poem to learn by heart. In groups, on the last day of the half term, we performed them. After that, anyone who wanted to could take part in the class competition - almost everyone did. We had to recite our poem to the rest of the class. The children voted for the best performance and the winner received a £10 book token. It was a lovely way to round off the first half term. 


Making Soup 

Design Brief: Design, make and evaluate a seasonal vegetable soup(product) for a group of Y6 children and their families (user) to give then a warming, easy to eat meal outside (purpose).

Here are our final soup recipes and some photos of us making our soup. Some of us made it for our families. 

Writing for a Purpose

Genre: supernatural fiction

Purpose: to create intrigue (interest)and suspense (uncertainty about what might happen). To entertain.

Audience: Year 5 children around Halloween.

We wrote spooky stories and then read them to Y5 by torchlight. 

Wildflower Area

We have been extending the Class 15 wildflower area. After digging up the grass, we scattered poppy and honesty seeds. 

Learning how to use the bridge hold and claw grip to cut vegetables

Year 6 are making soup later in the week so we have been learning how to correctly chop vegetables. 

Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower Building

In Primary Futures this week, we were developing team building skills. We thought about the skills that make you a good team member:

  • listening 
  • co-operating 
  • compromising
  • discussing

All the teams worked well together.



Year 6 helped to set up and run this year's Macmillan coffee and cake afternoon. We raised £296.11 - WOW! Here are just a few of our helpers.


We found that there were a few children in our class who knew someone close who had had cancer; Class 15 have decided to hold another event later in the year to raise more money for a cancer charity. 


As historians, we were looking for evidence of the Anglo-Saxons becoming Christian. The Romans introduced Christianity. When the Anglo-Saxons first arrived, they were Pagan but converted to Christianity. This change happened at different speeds depending on who you were.

This half term, in groups, we are going to design, plan, make and evaluate our own seasonal vegetable soups. This week, we are looking at the vegetables that are in season during autumn. We harvested the carrots that were growing outside our classroom and we tried them - yum!